Contests Editing Rules - Traditional Editing

The purpose of this rule set is to preserve the integrity of the original image.

What is legal?

·         Your entry must consist of a single exposure
·         You may crop, rotate, flip, and resize your entry
·         You are ONLY allowed to remove the following items: dust spots, water spots, dead pixels, hot pixels, stray hairs, and individual blemishes on a person’s skin
·         You may use adjustment layers  (any blending mode) as long as they affect the entire image equally
·         You may use the dodge & burn tools on any part of the image
·         You may enhance an already existing vignette
·         You may correct lens distortion
·         You may convert your image to Black & White, Duotone, Tritone or Quadtone (must affect the entire image equally)
·         You may blur your image using Gaussian blur (must be applied to the entire image equally)
·         You may sharpen your image using any method (must be applied to the entire image equally)
·         You may use software such as noise ninja, or equivalent, to remove noise from your photograph (must be applied to the entire image equally)

What is illegal?

·         You may NOT add any elements to the photograph that didn’t exist in the original
·         You may NOT stack or blend multiple photographs
·         You are NOT allowed to clone out objects from the photograph (other than those listed above)
·         You may NOT use Filters to alter the look of your photograph (with the exception of sharpening Gaussian Blur, and Noise Reduction)
·         You may NOT create a new vignette
·         You may NOT add new distortion
·         Your photography may NOT consist entirely of an already existing artwork
·         You may NOT add or fill in empty space  outside your image
·         You may NOT add a border to your image
·         You may NOT add any text or copyright symbols

And don’t forget:

·         Your photograph MUST be taken with a digital camera that records EXIF data
·         The photograph MUST be taken during the “shooting phase” of the contest
·         The photograph MUST be composed and edited by you. Someone else may take the photo as long as you have set up the shot
·         The photograph your submit MUST be in .jpg format
·         The photograph CANNOT be larger than 850 pixels for any dimension (unless specified otherwise)
·         The photograph MUST not be larger than 375kb (unless specified otherwise)
·         Artistic nudity is allowed. Sexually explicit or suggestive photographs are not. No genitalia please