Contests Editing Rules - Photographic Artwork

The purpose of this rule set is to allow artists to have complete control. Please keep in mind the final product should be photographic in nature.
What is legal?

·         Your entry may consist of an unlimited number of exposures. They can be taken at different times, in different locations, as long as they meet the shooting date requirement and are taken by you (You may combine elements of these photographs into one composition)
·         There are no restrictions on how you can edit your image
·         You may add a border to your image
What is illegal?

·         You may NOT add clip art or create objects that did not previously exist
·         Your photography may NOT consist entirely of an already existing artwork
·         You may NOT add any text or copyright symbols

And don’t forget:

·         Your photograph MUST be taken with a digital camera that records EXIF data
·         The photograph MUST be taken during the “shooting phase” of this contest
·         The photograph MUST be composed and edited by you. Someone else may take the photo as long as you have set up the shot
·         The photograph your submit MUST be in .jpg format
·         The photograph CANNOT be larger than 850 pixels for any dimension (unless specified otherwise)
·         The photographs MUST not be larger than 375kb (unless specified otherwise)
·         You are NOT allowed to enter more than one photograph into a contest
·         Artistic nudity is allowed. Sexually explicit or suggestive photographs are not. No genitalia please