dark corner

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Aperture : 1.4
Shutter : 1/80
ISO : 200
Location : iran- hamedan
Date Taken : July 9, 2012
Galleries : Portrait, Black & White
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CoryB : Great subject! But... I'm afraid that the processing and over-exposure has left this a bit too soft, with blown highlights.. Shadows look absolutely great, his cap is the best detail in the photo. 07/22/12

Venser : The colouration really distracts from the photo. This is one of those cases where I'm simply not a fan of the post processing. 07/21/12

JonathanEger : A little blown out is some areas, but to be honest, I don't think it matters. 07/21/12

RyanWareham : I like this image, but find the bricks look rather soft, almost 'cartoonish'. not sure if this was intended or not.
also, blown-out right side is a bit distracting, and throws the image off balance compared to the darker left side.